Marine Bio-images

Environmental Consultancy

Survey, imaging, mapping  and describing the marine environment

Environmental Advice, Environmental Impact Assessment, Survey and Monitoring Study design, Seabed Mapping including Seagrass Bed and Coral Reef Mapping, Intertidal Mapping, GIS, Fisheries Assessments.

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Lyme Bay. East Tennants Reef Seafan Study reports, 2002-3.

Reef Research, Eunicella verrucosa population dynamics and reproductive cycle studies. Download reports.

Who are we

We are a small interdisciplinary team of scientists that work together for specific projects

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Colin Munro


Marine Bio-images survey team (Sean Leake, left; Colin Munro, centre, Dr. Lin Baldock, right) sampling the sediment infauna, using a hand-hauled Van Veen grab, at pre-determined monitoring stations within Lamlash Bay No Take Zone. Samples were also taken for particle size analysis and carbon content analysis. This work was done as part of the monitoring program to detect change within seabed species assemblages following establishment of the No Take Zone and exclusion of scallop dredgers. Photograph by Kat Brown (4th team member). This work was undertaken on behalf of Scottish Natural Heritage.

Seabed grab sampling

Remote camera setup

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